10 Things You Don’t Want to Know About Bipolar Disorder… Unless You Want To Successfully Manage It

7. Hold on to your old talents and skills.

You are the only person in the world who can use your abilities. Having bipolar disorder doesn’t mean that you have to take your pot of talents off the stove. Your pilot light is still on. If you have put things on the back burner for the time being, you can still keep your skills sharpened.


The solution is to adapt how you utilize your pot of talents to accommodate your health. For example, if you formerly taught school, perhaps you can do some volunteer tutoring until you can return to the classroom. By keeping your teaching skills up, you’ll be ready when it’s time to put them back to use full time.


8. Stand up for yourself and take a stand when necessary.

Recently, a young person attending one of my support groups said, “I just can’t handle the shame that comes with this illness.” If you are ashamed of having bipolar disorder, how can you expect others to be at ease with it? Furthermore, if people sense that you are uncomfortable about your illness, they will mirror that uneasiness.


You must consciously decide that you are going to face the illness and work through any discomfort you feel. Stereotypes regarding illnesses like bipolar disorder will not change if the very people who have such conditions are not at peace with their situation. So, take a positive stand, educate others, and help eradicate stigma. If you fall six times, stand up seven. Keep up the fight.


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9. Learn to manage stress or it will manage you.
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