10 Unbelievable Behaviors Of The Narcissist

6. Will cause unnecessary drama:

The narcissist almost thrives on drama. Drama gets attention off of them and allows them to express their “immature social skills.

” For example, a narcissist may get involved in gossip or a situation that doesn’t involve them at all and will seem to make things worse. Narcissists are rarely peacemakers.



7. Will form cliques all around you:

Narcissists need to feel powerful and empowered. The best way for them to feel empowered or powerful is to create a group of people who believe in them, are afraid of them, or look up to them in some way.

Their cliques allow them to maintain some kind of positive reputation and when things go wrong in the narcissist’s life, those in the clique will run to the rescue. These people should not be called “cliques” but rather “blind servants.”



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