10 Unbelievable Behaviors Of The Narcissist

Will use their social and emotional intelligence to gain notoriety:

Although we all use social media to reach out to those we want to help, support, or learn from, the narcissist will find some way of making themselves look better than anymore else. This narcissist may embellish their accomplishments, brag, or seem very unauthentic.



9. Will behave immaturely:

Narcissistic individuals struggle to be mature, especially when maturity is necessary. For example, the narcissistic personality will struggle, in the workplace or in public, to let things “slide” or leave things alone. Most narcissistic personalities go the extra mile to make trouble, get revenge, or be vindictive. It is almost as if the narcissist feels empowered by the effort they put into making life miserable, unbearable, or uncomfortable for everyone else. Don’t be deceived. If you go wrong with the narcissist, you will be next.


10.Will pull in other people who are vulnerable to them to conquer and divide:

Have you ever seen cliques where if one person is angry with someone, everyone else involved in the clique will be angry with the person too? You will likely see this kind of behavior in office settings, very small neighborhoods or rural areas, and in certain professions.

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