11 Surprising Reasons You Still Have Acne Despite Trying to Get Rid of It

If you have the world’s most complex skincare routine, you might be wondering, “why do I still have acne?” When you wash your face and apply creams every day and don’t see any results, it can be incredibly frustrating. But that’s why it’s important to remember that your current skincare routine may not be what your face needs — and in some cases, it may even be making your acne worse.


“Taking care of your skin is not the same thing as treating acne,” Heidi Waldorf, MD, of Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics, tells Bustle. “Often patients think they’ve taken care of their acne but ‘treatment’ has only been facials without ever seeing a dermatologist. Acne is a condition that requires treatment both to reduce the pimples that are there and to keep new ones from forming.”


And, it often requires looking beyond your routine for some acne-causing habits and underlying health conditions. To figure out what might be causing your skin to break out, “see your dermatologist,” Dr. Michele Farber, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC, tells Bustle. “Your regimen can be adjusted, [and] they can go over habits that might need to be changed. You can also combine cortisone injections, peels, or in office treatments for acne to help kick start your regimen.” Here, a few things experts say can cause acne to stick around, despite all your attempts to get rid of it.


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<span class="ap">1. </span>Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack
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