12 Foods That Can Fight Lung Inflammation



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If you aren’t a fan of seafood, you can get omega-3s from other sources. Contrary to mainstream belief, however, nuts aren’t equivalent to fatty fish, as ALA, the type of omega-3 fatty acid in plant sources, needs to be converted in order for the body to use it and the conversion isn’t very efficient, with only a small percentage of ALA making it all the way to DHA. Nuts are still beneficial, though, and walnuts are the number one nut source. If you’re looking for a non-fish source of ALA and DHA, check out Spirulina, a protein-dense freshwater algae.


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Loading up on vitamin C can strengthen the immune system, which is particularly important for people with lung problems. “A cold above the neck will exacerbate lung problems below the neck,” says Dr. Devereaux. Plus, a meta-analysis in Scientific Reports found that for every 100 milligrams of vitamin C taken in each day, lung cancer risk was reduced by 7 percent. Dr. Devereaux points out that while the antioxidant can protect against lung inflammation in smokers, it won’t negate the harms of cigarettes.



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