12 Foods That Can Fight Lung Inflammation

Bell peppers


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You might already think about citrus as a prime source of vitamin C, but it’s not the only option. Dr. Devereaux also recommends eating bell peppers. All varieties have significant amounts of the antioxidant, but yellows pack in the most, with more than five times your daily C needs provided by a single large pepper.




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People with lung disease tend to be at higher risk for vitamin D deficiency, and low levels may contribute to inflammation in the lungs. “They may have more severe presentation if D levels are particularly low,” says Dr. Devereaux. “Our conservative recommendation is anyone with lung disease make sure their vitamin D levels are in range.” When it’s not possible to get the “sunshine vitamin” naturally from being outdoors in the sun, drink milk fortified with vitamin D. Milk has about a fifth of your daily needs, and the fatty fish mentioned above naturally contain even more vitamin D.



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