12 Foods That Can Fight Lung Inflammation

Green tea


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Your body naturally creates imbalanced molecules called “free radicals” as a byproduct of metabolism, via oxidation. Moderate levels of free radicals are normal and healthy, but build up too much and they cause oxidative stress, leading to inflammation. Antioxidants keep free radicals from getting out of control, and research shows certain antioxidants called polyphenols could help quell inflammation. Studies suggest polyphenols in green tea could help block inflammation in the lungs of smokers and potentially protect against cancer.



Black coffee


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Prefer coffee over tea? No worries; java also contains anti-inflammatory polyphenols. But there’s a catch: “If you put milk or sugar in the coffee, you neutralize the polyphenols,” says Dr. Devereaux. Sip yours black to reap the best lung-healthy effects. To get the most antioxidant effect,



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