13 Autism Myths Everyone Needs to Stop Believing

Myth: Children with autism cause their parents to divorce




Yes, people actually believe this. Although there is some research that suggests that parents of children with autism are more likely to divorce than parents of typically developing children, there isn’t very sound, concrete evidence to prove that a child’s autism can cause divorce.



A 2010 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology showed that 23.5 percent of coupleswho had a child with autism divorced, compared to 13.8 percent of couples with typically developing children. What’s important to note, though, is that of those couples, the younger couples with autistic children were likelier to divorce than older couples, which falls in line with the divorce statistics of all United States couples. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 58.4 percent of couples who were married between ages 15 and 22 get divorced, compared to 23.4 percent of couples who get married between ages 35 to 40.



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Myth: A child with a few autistic behaviors must have autism
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