21 things you only know if you’re bipolar

12. Some people apparently don’t believe mental illness exists.

Such people will say things like the above, and things like ‘he was signed off work for stress – not a real illness like gastroenteritis’.

13. You can remember it all

All the times you thought you could breathe under water, bring back the dead, or however mania’s hit you. And you can’t even laugh it off by saying you were drunk or high.

14. You can act

Your most celebrated role? ‘Normal person who is totally fine and there’s nothing wrong at all’.


15. You’re probably a perfectionist

You need to sleep but you told the office you’d bring in homemade cupcakes the next day so you’re still up at 1am rolling edible flowers in egg yolk and sugar.

16. How not to cry when you really want to cry

And where to bolt to when your usual methods fail you.

17. That sinking feeling when you see another ‘crazy’ stereotype on TV or film

People who have suffered from mental illness are far more likely to hurt themselves, or be the victims of attacks. Despite this, lazy scriptwriters still

rely on tropes when they need a scary character.



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18. Sometimes you’re a shopping liability
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