35 People With Autism Discuss The Strange Things Non-Autistic People Do


“How people can tolerate such noise and such bright lights. That always pisses me off the most. Normal people stuff I can actually cope with quite well thanks to the amazing parenting skills of my mother and some great help growing up as a kid. I can typically pass as a (very quirky) normal person though that may grow harder as I grow older. I am a 30-year-old woman with the mindset (and dress sense) of a 12-year-old boy. But anyway… it’s the bright lights, the loud noises, the overwhelming environments that most people seem to be able to tolerate.

At work, there’s another autistic guy who works with me. It’s funny, we both complain about how excessively bright the lights are and how we want them switched off. We complain about the background noise. We went peace, DARK and quiet to do our jobs. Nobody else cares. As a child, I couldn’t even enter a supermarket as the fluorescent lights would make me scream. Worst part is you can’t tune background noise out. Not if you have autism. Life is just an overwhelming kaleidoscope and you just have to work out a way to cope… needless to say I never leave my apartment unless I absolutely have to and honestly, I’m amazed I can even hold down a job. The only reason I can cope is because I work part time.

So it’s more sensory for me than anything. I also cannot socialize that well, but I’d say I’m proficient for an autistic person. It’s the sensory stuff I have trouble coping with. I want every place I go to be dark and quiet all the time haha.”



“Being able to spontaneously do something instead of plan it out. I would prefer at least a week in advance of knowing what’s happening but I’m trying to cope with the fact that that’s not always possible. Spontaneous plans do still stress me out though. How do NTs just dive into something social and not think anything of it?”



“Not asking why. Doing things just because it’s social convention or ‘tradition’ and not questioning it. I’ve always found that weird, and I think it can be quite harmful. People will do something that’s bad for them just because it’s the done thing, when there are a million other ways of doing it that are not harmful, or when it’s something they don’t need to do in the first place.”



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