35 People With Autism Discuss The Strange Things Non-Autistic People Do


“Eye contact. I can never keep eye contact on someone for more than 5 seconds. Neurotypicals can look someone dead in the eye for ages and I don’t understand how. Granted it may be my ADHD doing this instead, but I do have ASD as well…anyway, just how?

Also, why can’t neurotypicals be more direct? As many people have said already, why can’t you just say what you want to say? Why do you have to twist words around to make it awkward?”



“When NT people want to sit and talk during mealtimes I’ve perfected the art of disappearing in college at lunchtime just so I can sit in peace to eat my food without the drain of maintaining a conversation.”



“I really don’t understand why they act a certain way, hoping I catch up on the opposite. There was this dude, for example, who had a crush on me. He would treat me like shit and rarely be nice, and he somehow expected me to pick up on that ?? I also don’t get whether I’m supposed to be direct or not. Every single neurotypical I’ve met tells me it’s a good thing to be honest and straightforward. Now, I’m as blunt as it gets, and I end up getting yelled at/mad at for it. Plus, they tend to do the opposite and dance around things instead of ever saying what they mean, and still hope I get what they’re saying. Why ?? And why do you touch me RIGHT after I clarify I’m uncomfortable with it????”



“A lot of them seem to have no regard for personal space. When I sit down on the bus and put my bag on the seat next to me it is because having people too near to me gives me panic attacks. It’s manageable if they don’t touch me though. I can listen to music or play my DS to help keep myself calm and manage my sensory information load.

But a lot of NT people invariably seem to think that, even when there are plenty of other seats on the bus that do not have bags on them, they are somehow entitled to ask me to move mine and then, because I often do as I don’t have the spoons to argue, they fill out the available space and press against me.

This invariably leads to me having a panic attack where I freeze up. I will try to move as far away from them in the space as possible (i.e. towards the window because I always take the window seat if it’s available) to try to minimize contact. Do they take the hint? Do they fuck. They spread out, continuing to fill out the space until I’m stuck trying to pancake myself into the fucking bus window because this inconsiderate cunt has the total empathy of a lobotomized penguin.

Ok, that turned into more of a rant. But this is a problem I face on a daily basis.”



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