6 types of asthma and how they’re treated

Asthma can be triggered by food, dust, mold and even cold air. The treatment options are just as varied.



Asthma is a chronic potentially life-threatening airway disease where inflammation in the lungs causes narrow, swollen airways, increased mucus, shortness of breath, chest tightening, coughing and a characteristic wheeze. While most asthma starts in childhood, experts say that both allergies and asthma can crop up at any age.

About 1 in 12 people (25 million) have asthma according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). “Asthma is the most common respiratory ailment in the U.S., also the deadliest one, more so than cigarette smoking,” says Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of  The Allergy and Asthma Cure and spokesperson and advocate for Pycnogenol, an antioxidant extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree that’s been shown to improve asthma symptoms.


There are many different types of asthma each triggered by various culprits and no one treatment fits all. Treatment depends on the type of asthma, allergens and the environmental triggers explains Dr. Jennifer Lee, a clinical allergist and immunologist at ENT and Allergy Associates in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Here, the different types:



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<strong>1. Allergic asthma</strong>
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