8 Medical Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Heartburn

If you’ve ever been pregnant, had spicy food, eaten too much, or just generally been an adult human being, you’ve probably had heartburn at some point. Usually, it’s nothing to be alarmed about, but there are instances when you shouldn’t ignore it.


Heartburn can mimic a heart attack

The symptoms of heartburn can be similar to those of a heart attack or angina—a crushing type of chest pain that is caused by decreased blood flow to the heart. There are some rules of thumb for differentiating between heartburn and a heart attack. For instance, heartburn typically gets worse when lying down and can leave a sour taste in your mouth. However, there are exceptions. When in doubt, you should always see a doctor. And always go to the emergency room if you are experiencing chest tightness, break into a sweat, turn pale, become extremely weak, or pass out.


Your heartburn could actually be gallstones

Gallstones are pieces of hardened digestive fluid that can form in your gallbladder, a small organ to the right of your abdomen. A gallstone blocking your bile duct can cause cramping in the middle or upper-right side of your abdomen. Often, the pain occurs just after eating—similar with heartburn. If you are having consistent stomach pain after eating that doesn’t approve after taking an antacid, contact your physician.




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Severe heartburn could be a symptom of GERD
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