9 Uncommon Signs of Lung Cancer You Need to Know About

Shortness of breath


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It’s easy to blame heavy breathing after you climb the stairs on being out of shape or because you’ve put on a few pounds. But if you’re having a hard time breathing after normal activities—especially in situations that didn’t used to tax you—it’s smart to see your doctor, because it is among the signs of lung cancer.

“Some cancers that start in the lung spread to the inside of the rib cage,” says Dr. Weiser. “Tumors secrete a lot of fluid that gets pushed around and can compromise the patient’s ability to breathe.”


Extreme thirst and frequent urination


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In rare cases, tumors in the lung can secrete substances that create a high level of calcium in the blood, and that can leave you feeling very thirsty and cause you to urinate more often, says Dr. Weiser. If you find yourself drinking more than usual, take note, because it could be one of the signs of lung cancer



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Swollen cheeks and neck
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