Are You Mistaking Machiavellianism For Narcissism?

The Narcissist

Narcissism is driven entirely by the ego and this is plain to see when you consider some of the most common traits such a person displays.

They have a delusional vision of self-grandeur, believing themselves to be special, superior, and with an exaggerated view of their achievements and abilities.

They seek the attention, admiration, and praise of those around them and get very upset when this is not forthcoming.

If they ever face criticism or views that do not align with their own, they get extremely defensive, and dismissive.

They have a bloated sense of entitlement, believing themselves to be more deserving than other people.

They are extremely selfish and do not like to see others succeed, even if they are doing so too. They refuse to share the spotlight with anyone else.

They take jealousy and envy to a whole new level. Expect to face their wrath should they ever think you are putting someone else ahead of them – especially in relationships.

They will happily belittle or degrade other people to make themselves feel good – they feel no remorse for heaping unhappiness on others.

They can exhibit very impulsive behavior if it provides what the ego seeks.

The above traits have been rightly linked to the narcissistic personality, but those below are actually parts of the Machiavellian personality.



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The Machiavellian
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