How to Survive the Worst Type of Stroke

Taking the right action can save your life…

If someone asked you for a quick definition of a stroke, you would probably say that it is caused by a blood clot…and requires quick treatment with a clot-dissolving drug. These points are true for the most common strokes, called ischemic strokes, but there’s another type of stroke that doesn’t get nearly as much attention.


The “other” stroke:

hemorrhagic, or bleeding, stroke is entirely different from an ischemic stroke—and usually more devastating. Fortunately, new research has uncovered potentially lifesaving advice for people who suffer this type of stroke. The facts you (and your loved ones) need…

Up to 20% of the nearly 800,000 new or recurrent strokes that occur each year in the US are hemorrhagic strokes, but they account for 40% of stroke deaths.

What makes these strokes so dangerous? Hemorrhagic strokes result from bleeding into or around the brain, a catastrophic event that damages brain tissue. In addition, as the pooled blood degrades, it releases iron from red blood cells. Iron is toxic for brain tissue.



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