The harmful effects of smoking on health and well-being

Impact on well-being

Apart from the serious health consequences mentioned above, smoking can also impact your everyday life. It can affect your breathing, causing coughing and shortness of breath. It increases the risk of respiratory tract infection, including bronchitis. All of these occurrences can significantly reduce your quality of life.




Smoking can also affect you in many other ways, for example:

  • It can alter your senses of smell and taste
  • It reduces your ability to perform physical exercise and your energy level
  • It has an adverse impact on your physical appearance (yellow teeth, prematurely aged skin, unpleasant odour, and so on)
  • It condemns you to a life of repeatedly trying to suppress feelings of withdrawal
  • It exposes you to a greater risk of depression and anxiety
  • It affects your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues



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