Things About Lung Cancer Doctors Wish You Knew

Some people should be screened


Doctor examining patient with stethoscope. Close up of a doctor hand listening to stethoscope beat while testing patient. Patient visiting doctor for regular check up.


Many serious cases of cancer could be avoided with preventative screenings. “If one meets criteria of high risk used in the recent National Lung Screening Trial—age between 55 and 75; history of cigarette smoking one pack per day for 30 years; or quit smoking less than 15 years ago—one should have annual screening with a low-dose CT chest scan,” Dr. Park says. This will greatly increase the chances of catching cancer in an earlier, and curable, stage, Dr. Sands says. “About 70 percent of people diagnosed in a lung screening program are discovered at stage 1,” he says. “Unfortunately, less than five percent of people who qualify are currently getting these scans.”



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Recovery is possible
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